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6613655. HTRoll 25 x 19 Ø 8 E0 Gr. 18

6613655. HTRoll 25 x 19 Ø 8 E0 Gr. 18
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  • Manufacturer: MALOSSI
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HTRoll HIGH RESISTANCE GAUGED ROLLERS for original speed variators Variator Multivar. Htrolls are made with CPT with a specific formula and bear on the relative basic weight on one side. Htrolls represent a technical spare part for the original one, in a complete series of calibration elements capable of varying your scooter's transmission ratio by adjusting the speed and shooting. Functioning as a result of the weight of the rollers rotation becomes: greater centrifugal force is the weight of the roller is larger and less centrifugal force is the time to get changed and vice versa. Variator calibration to optimize engine performance adopted rollers during use keep the motor rotation speed of maximum power. Reducing the weight of Motor rollers increases the speed of operation, on the other hand increasing the roller weight decreases the number of revolutions.
6613655.E0 KIT 8 RULLI MALOSSI 25X19 GR.18

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